Španielsko po stopách severného vetra

Across Spain in footprints of northern wind

Trying to make a decision we can not quite make up our minds. What do we want to see this time? Sea? Mountains? Desert? And what if there was a country which has it all? New Zealand? “That’s too far away” I say. And so, here comes Spain. Not hot, sunny, southern Spain but wild, uncharted and variable. Northern Spain! The wisest of all, our friend Google confirms all of our desires and increases the already high level of enthusiasm and joy in the veins. And so we begin our journey. The journey across Spain in footprints of northern wind.

Diversity, the word that carries all the beauty and wilderness of this land. Our journey begins in Madrid. Saying the words: “Hola que tal” we pick up our car and set off. “Can you speak Spanish?” asks Ondrej. “Claro que sí cariňo!” I reply smiling, hoping that I am right.

Villages of Guadalajara hidden in the trees, medieval little towns of Aragon occupying the hilltops, Bardenas Reales, a desert hidden in the very heart of the country, alternate still snowy hills of the Pyrenees on the border with France. First 1500 km are spectacular. “WOW! So far, the most beautiful thing we’ve seen!” not for long one must say. Arrival to the Basque Country is changing everything. Unbelievable views of Picos de Europa is opening brand new experience. Here comes the place where animals and people live in harmony, traditions of shepherd’s life still exist. Cows, sheep and goats form a bunch of homies that happily slob around wearing the “I don’t give a shit” attitude.”So this … This has exceeded all my expectations” teary-eyed I must add.

Moving along the Atlantic coast we become part of absolutely different scenery. Colourful fishing villages reminding the famous Italian Cinque Terre surrounded by fairy cliffs, which offer raw, breathtaking views of the Atlantic. Huge cathedral-shaped rocks become a maze for more than a handful of tourists. “Absolute splendour! However too crowded one would say! Off we go then!” says Ondrej. Along the coastline we drive through Cantabria, Asturias to Galicia. Time for our last hike in Castilla y Leon. Our gritty Spanish circle is being closed down in the town of Cacabelos. The town of pilgrims.

Thank you. We’ll tell them. Northern Spain has so much to offer. Definitely more than one can possibly think.

Balance is the foundation of life. Things that are not balanced are often too much. Too beautiful, too ugly, too dry, too… Spain is the country that connects different worlds. The world of desert with the world of sea. The world of cities with the world of forests. The world of people with the world of animals. Spain has become our favourite. Because Spain is not too much. It’s just perfect.

Our Spanish “circle”

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