Iceland: The Importance of (non)planning

One land. One dream. Us and our journey. Marriage is a journey. The journey through all seasons sometimes at once. “Yes, indeed!” says Ondrej.

The choice of our honeymoon was obvious. Iceland. The land where unpredictable weather makes it impossible to get oneself ready. The land which offers so many possibilities so one might get lost in counting. The island with the populations of a small town. The land with people considering nature as their cultural heritage. The land filled with wild horses and even wilder natural landscapes which makes you speechless with mouth wide open sometimes for the entire day. 

“It is about the journey, not the destination,” we say. “Let the force of life take over and lead our way” are the words which can be marked as the big opening of our journey. In 15 days we experience the unimaginable. We pick up a car from the airport Keflavik and begin our journey. We drive from west to east, from south to north. Of course in different order not look confused :).

They say the Golden Circle is number 1 to see. “Let’s start there,” we say. The Pingvellir national park is changed by indescribable and very many overcrowded geysers. “Too many tourists per one square meter,” we say. “We better get going so we get a chance to see Gullfoss waterfalls with fewer people,” suggests Ondrej. One of the many things I married him for. So damn pragmatic! Gotta love him for that 🙂

Waterfalls in Iceland are so common that eventually, you get to the point of waving your hand saying, “Oh yeah there is another one..”. Don’t get me wrong dear readers. All of them are special! 

Among many of them, there is one which blew us away. Skógafoss. And for what reason? Hard to describe really 🙂

For adventurous spirits out there, there is a so-called Icelandic Ring road described as the main road – Route 1. Route 1 leads you around the entire island. The road is officially long 1400 km. Because we like to play lost and found we make it a bit longer :). I’m sure many of you understand when calls the hearth. This sudden need to see.. need to feel.. need to experience… You become obliged to your heart.

It took us 15 days, 360 hours to drive 3000 km across and around the island. 

They say Iceland is the best country to hitch-hike. “Let’s try it then!” I shout. 

On the way to Rainbow mountain Landmanalaugar, we get lucky. Thinking about how to get here and there, suddenly, there happen to be a group of people from Eastern Slovakia! By “coincidence” they have two places left in the car. “There is no way we could have planned this!” I say to Ondrej. “This is your honeymoon?” with a strange look and charming hardly understandable eastern Slovakian dialect they ask. “Get in then!” waving at us they say. Lost in the foggy darkness, shaken but very much taken we go towards the volcano Hekla. 

It wasn’t our dreamy Rainbow mountains, but it was definitely worth it! “One more reason to come back again,” I whisper into Ondrej’s ears.

“The south was absolutely ouh!”

The next days we experience the southern part of the island. We stop by the so-called sneaky waves in the city of Vík or volcanic peninsula Dyrhólaey with its magical lighthouse. Being on the road again we manage to find time for a bigger “pit stop” which opens up incredible picturesque scenery of Glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón in front of us. 

As they say “time is precious” we keep going towards the direction of mysterious east. Similarly to Slovakian east, you will not find much information about the Icelandic east. Nevertheless, we stay stick to our plan, say hi to reindeers in Seydisfjordur and ride horses across the eastern fjords in Húsey.

Full of expectations we move along the way. We head north and it’s getting stormy out there. The expectations don’t last for long as they get washed out by the enormous storm we pass by. The Devil’s waterfall Dettifoss, sulphuric geysers, the lake Mývatn and quick “hi” to always positive seals with their “I don’t give a shit” attitude at Hvitserkus. Gotta learn that from them one day!

Absolutely tired out with no energy left we move to our last “sleeping spot”, the city of Stadur. For most humans there is nothing special about this place, however, for us it is the place where we spot the dreamy aurora so-called the northern lights. 

Our Ring road closes up by the charming peninsula Snaefellnes where a magical journey below the iceberg Mt. Stapafell awaits us. We also get a chance to see the beach Skardsvík and miniature of our dreamy mountain called Rhyolite mountains. 

Thank you. Time to go home but no goodbyes! At least not for this time! There are still some missions left which need to be accomplished! 🙂

Iceland was an amazing teacher. As a real teacher, he offered us all the possibilities one can imagine. Free to choose whatever we feel is right for us. We always expect something from everything. This journey taught us to throw all the expectations away and truly allow ourselves to open up to whatever comes. Because ones you do it, you might get blown away by all the possibilities, all new doors that happen to be there.

There are people, places, situations which can not be planned. And there comes fear. Fear of not being prepared. Fear of not being ready for whatever is there to come. But one thing is certain. The fear reminds us it is about the journey, not the destination.

For better orientation, we add our map 🙂

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